Our Sporting Clay Course

Sporting Clays is a form of shotgun shooting that simulates bird hunting by launching clay targets in unpredictable scenarios. The sport challenges shooters with varying angles, speeds, and target types, and is set up with multiple stations on courses that can be designed to mimic different terrains. It’s a popular and exciting way to test your shooting skills and enjoy the outdoors.

At Keystone Clays, we’re excited to announce some new additions to our shooting range. Our customers will now have access to brand new shooting stands, providing a comfortable and stable shooting experience. Additionally, we’ve installed new Atlas traps, which are known for their precision and reliability, ensuring that every shot counts. And to make things even more convenient, we’ve upgraded our controls to EZPull, allowing for easy and smooth operation of the traps. Come visit us and try out our new equipment for yourself!

Our Pricing


Cart Rental…..$30

Push Cart Rental…..$10

Box of 12 ga Ammo…..$10

Box of 20 ga Ammo…..$11

Full Round


Single Round of 100 Clays

Half Round


Half Round of 50 Clays